Travesty Of Justice

Travesty Of Justice

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Travesty Of Justice

This deeply moving Romance, Drama, is full of exciting twists and turns, that will make you laugh and cry, pull at your heart strings, and keep you on the edge of your seat, until the last page.

Samuel a black African medical doctor, and Nicole, a beautiful white woman from Nova Scotia, meet in Halifax, a small university town in the heart of Nova Scotia. Samuel is intrigued by Nicole, and soon learns, that she has a mystical insight, like no one he has ever met before. As Nicole's, and Samuel’s love grows, they soon realize, that powerful obstacles are standing in their way. Living in a place, that has been torn by racial tension for years, they struggle to gain access, to Samuel’s medical profession.

They battle against all odds as they stand by each other, and fight for equal opportunity. They uncover a conspiracy that will nearly destroy their lives. It is then that Samuel realizes he is out of time, and the secret that he has buried from Nicole for years, can no longer be hidden. Two hearts now hang in the balance, will it all be lost forever?

This compelling and passionate story, will hold your interest, and leave you wanting more!

Available now on Amazon in Ebook and Paperback

The value in reading this book, is that it will allow you, to ask yourself and even question, how North American accesses International education. The value in reading this book is that it will take you on a jounrey, of two people fight for equal opportunity.  

If you think Equal Opportunity is priceless!

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Help us put this book, on best seller lists everywhere, so our voice can be heard! The world takes notice of these lists, and often review them, and talk about them. What better way  to raise our voices on this issue than this.

Change all starts with us, and by reading Travesty of Justice, and talking about how families are left broken, because of these issue. We can make a difference, for other families who are still living and dealing, with these unfair situations, and who are still fighting for just one chance.

Heather Butler Author of Travesty of Justice and Thoughtful Moments.

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Kathy Tibbetts
29 Jul, 2023 09:30

Such heart wrenching excerpts...captivating..I want to read the rest!

Adam Levine
23 Mar, 2016 23:49

Very interesting book , I really enjoyed reading it very well written

Cindy Nelson
14 Oct, 2015 03:28

This book is a story everyone should read . I really found that it inspired me and as a woman I could see myself in this story . I really could not put it down , in fact I am going to read it again!

Janet Burk
19 Sep, 2015 22:19

I was not sure what kind of book, this would be at first. But oh wow I am so glad I order this book, when I got it in the mail. I sat down to read it and oh wow, I really and honestly loved it!

Sherri Arakare
30 Aug, 2015 03:09

I read this book very well written and I really could not put it down . It's a shame that this situation is still happening to families today !!!!

Ross Blundstone
26 Aug, 2015 23:59

I read this book and was amazed at how this author made me feel so deeply for her characters . I really was heartbroken for this couple and could not believe how much they struggle . You must read it

Ira Drohobycky
03 Aug, 2015 06:05

I have completed reading "Travesty of Justice."... A great read! My advice? Get the book! Can't wait to read more of Heather Butler's books!

Susan Harmony
03 Aug, 2015 04:51

Get this book on Amazon ! It's a great read and kept my interest until the end !great characters and the plot was exiting and made me think !

Sam Earls
03 Aug, 2015 04:46

Read this book and would like to thank the author for writing such a passionate and heartfelt story !!! I really love it and look forward to the sequel to this . Well done !

Adam Stevens
11 Jul, 2015 06:53

If you have not read this book yet you should !!! I really was pulled into the story and really felt in love with Nicole's charcter !! Don't miss this amazing story

Elizabeth Park
12 Jun, 2015 22:35

would like to read your book

Brenda Jofre
07 Jun, 2015 00:31

Would like to read this!!

31 Mar, 2015 23:29

Sounds really interesting! I viewed the trailor and can't wait to read this book by Heather Butler

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