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                                                           IF THEY ONLY KNEW

He walks in and looks around, his heart begins to pound.

Yet his lips, refuse to make a sound.

As he sits and stares, he is thinking

“She never really cared. Oh, I remember, and yes I miss, all her loving kisses.

Yes, I think back to the days, when in each other’s arms we would stay. Drinking wine OH God, holding her body next to mine. When I looked into her eyes, the magic of pure energy would sweep over me. It was then, that the words became totally unnecessary. The want to hold, the desirer to explode. God, what I would give, to feel that rhythm we used to create, as we climbed the stairway to heaven. She used to blow my mind, she made me feel so alive, like I could reach up, and touch the big blue sky. You would think I should have known, she was an angel flying low. I should have tried harder, to reach out and touch her soul to soul.”

 He looks across the crowded room, and there she looms.

Their eyes meet, and then she retreats to the far corner of the room.

She turns and stares out the window, at the midnight moon.

 In her mind, she says

“I remember his gentle touch, and God I miss him so much. But he was never there, it was all so unfair. All we really needed was time to share. Time to show each other we really cared. That man knew how to stir my soul, I couldn’t help,but want all our passion to flow. God I can’t stand to look him in the eye. Because all I see, is a lifetime passing us by. Like two ships, we passed into the night. He would sail off into a distance fog, but I stood there until he was gone. How could I have been so blind, not to see the man’s heart who was pressed against mine? And how do I forget the pleasure that only love and lust creates, but was unfortunately mixed between two people, who never had the luck of time nor fate.”

 He begins to walk towards her, she turns and see his face.

“God she is so beautiful, but I know her beauty goes far beyond just her face, I have to try one last time, to touch this angel, to make her mine.”

But when he turns around, her face cannot be found. As she takes flight, and walk away, but as she does, she hears an old familiar voice say. And a familiar arm, that pulls her close, and whispers in her ear.

“I am here now, let me try and love you, I know I can do better. Here I stand, and all I want,is to be your man. So let me try once again, I know how to make your heart sing . I know I can be a better man" 

And as he holds her tight, the moment expands softly,  into the magic of the night.

By Heather Butler

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28.11.2015 06:30

Rosa Simpson

Read this book of poetry beautiful!! Loved when mother cries , so true and touching .