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Dec. 15, 2015





 Happy Holiday and what know for sure about Santa Claus.


Happy holidays everyone, I know it’s that time of year when everyone is very busy with work, shopping, family events, and holiday parties. It can be a very joyous time of the year for many, and it can also be stressful as well. The famous person I am going to write about today is Santa Claus, yes, that’s right our magical, fantasy friend in red, called Santa Claus.

What I know for sure, and have learned over the years about Santa Claus, who still lives in the bright eyes of our children, is that he still brings a blissful kind of optimism for the season. The very thought of our jolly friend in red, gives the hearts of our little ones, such glee and cheerfulness, that we keep him alive and well, for these special moments, when we can see their eyes light up with joy at the expectation, of him coming to visit. We let our children, write letters or email him, at the North Pole, where we tell these little ones, he lives and makes all the delightful toys. For a brief season, a brief moment, we allow them to go into a world of make-believe. Their imaginations come alive, with the thoughts of Reindeer’s that can fly, Elf’s that make toys just for them, and a loving whited bearded man in red with a jovial laugh, that makes even us adults wish for our own childhood again.

The magic of the holidays, bring people closer to their families, to their friends, and often puts us in the mood to help others, a little more than what we usually do. We give to our charities, we greet strangers in need of help, all because it’s the holidays. We try our best to spread cheer for the season. So Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of years, still captivates our hearts, young or old. I know for sure it makes a lot of us kinder, more loving toward others, and more charitable. There is a little Santa Claus that still lives, in the hearts of many of us. What I know for sure is that that feeling, we get, and we give is priceless.  Wouldn’t it be great if we acted towards others all year, the same way we do during the holiday season. We might just have a fighting chance, to change and surpass some of the turmoil that surrounds our world, it may just take some of the weight off our shoulders, and let us breathe in, a season of real peace and goodwill.



Nov. 21, 2015


Today I am not going to write a famous person, and how they affect our lives, instead I am going to write about, something we all need during these difficult times. Our faith and hope, are two things we need more than ever. We must not allow anyone or anything, to take away these two key elements, which give our minds and soul's comfort. I know it is hard, especially if you have just lost a love one, or are facing financial hard times, or if you have health issues, or just have a broken heart that will not heal emotionally.

            But I believe in my humble opinion, and also in my own life experiences, that it is during these most challenging times, we learn the most. At the time we are going through them, it is incomprehensible to our minds, why these things are happening to us. We feel helpless, we feel beaten down, and we are often left heartbroken. It is not easy I know, to feel hopeful, or to have any kind of trust or belief, that anything will improve, or that we will regain our joy again. During these times, please hold on, embrace the pain, and let it grip you only for a pasting moment. Then release and discharge it, out into the vase empty space, which now lay deep within your being. Create a shelter from whatever storm it is you’re in. Let this be where you begin to heal.  Remember and rebuild thoughts of restoration, develop now a sense of well-being, see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and let it now be a knowing in your soul. Be grateful, for the simple things, which now surround your life. Start out small, have gratitude for the food you eat, for a good night’s sleep, for the love ones in your life that are well and safe. Learn to appreciate, the little things we take for granted in our everyday journeys. If you seek increase, then gratitude and love are the fuel, in which that train of thought can amplify. Visualize what it is you are striving for, conceive it in your subconscious mind. Be deliberate with your thinking, imagine now you are happy, and loved, that all is well with you. Even if its not, it still ok to dream and create in your mind, what you want your life to look like. Do this every day, and for some of us we may need to do this every hour. I started by just saying thank you for my life, thank you for all the love that surrounds me, thank you for the joy I feel coming back to me. Thank you for the better days that lay just ahead of me. Before I knew it, faith and hope became an enormous part of me. And from this place, I started it again.  

Aug. 25, 2015

Joel Osteen and his messages of hope!

Well, as many of you may know, in my blog, I write about famous people, and how I believe they relate to you and me. Today I am going to talk about Joel Osteen, and his messages. Now I know that there are many of you out there, which may think he paints an unrealistic outlook, of life and God. He believes if we speak words of faith over our lives, then whatever our situations are, they will change for the better. If we believe in God, and have faith even when we see nothing changing in our life. The fact that we keep believing in him, shows our God, we have faith in him, and he then sends us his blessings. On his TV broadcast, he gives many examples of people, who have successfully seen God’s hand of favor, and their situations have turned around for the better. Many times these people are sitting right in his audience.

Well, Joel Osteen does inspire me, to think in a more positive way, and I have learned to trust things I cannot always see. The little still voice inside my gut, often bothers me, and even sometimes downright shouts at me. When I am about to make a mistake. I have learned, that I am not the most patience person, but that I am persistence with my prayers, and that one day my dreams, and hope, will come to pass in a favorable way.

You see, that’s the key, we all need hope, and we all need to believe, that no matter how bad our situations are right now, that they are only here for a time. And that they too will pass.

Hope is the thing that is often missing in a lot of people’s lives, and when it is, they become depressed, sometimes even take their own lives. Or reach out and hurt others. This thing called hope, is so important to give out, and hang on to, when it appears in our life, in whatever form it comes. So today I hope you enjoy this little blog I have written, and more importantly, I hope you have hope, in your own lives. It’s ok to hope for happiness today, its ok to hope for better things in your life today. I believe it’s ok to hope, and believe, for things that you may at the moment, only be able to see in your mind, and heart right now. The universal laws of attraction, often brings us what we hope for, and see in our minds and hearts. I am thankful that God created this magical thing, called the laws of attraction. Because of this, magical energy, we can do anything we really want in life. That is why I am now writing my second novel Called “The Magic in the Little Gemstone Kiosk” it is based on real peoples' lives, and how I have seen them change for the better. For most of them it all started, by just changing their thoughts. Remember, those who do not believe in magic, will never find it! 

Jun. 23, 2015

 Oprah, and Our Unsung Hero’s- WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE

I never met Oprah Winfrey, but I have always thought of her as a modern day hero. She came from a life of humble beginnings, suffer in her childhood years, and yet has grown to be a wonderful authentic inspiration to countless women. She helps her African school children, gain knowledge, and gives them a safe haven to grow into strong young women. During her 25 years of being on air with her talk show, she inspired and help thousands, whenever their needs were presented to her. I always love reading the section in her magazine about What I Know For Sure. This section I value the most, because she often writes about her own life’s lessons. And who better to learn from than this highly successful woman. She believes in the laws of attraction, and knows how important it is to speak positively over one’s life. For our words often create our reality, and materialize in our lives. Nicole the heroine in my book Travesty of Justice, knows this as well. She is careful with her words and energy, because she also connects and feels the energy of Mother Nature, and of the people who surround her.

                There are many women in all of our lives, who I believe are everyday unsung heroes. They are your Sister’s, your Mother’s, your Wives and your Friends. They raise children, feed the homeless, help the sick, and teach us to be better people. They have boundless positive energy, they freely give away to those around them. They are selfless in the way they serve others. They freely love, and give it away to all in their pathway. These women are not famous, they rarely get recognition for the life they lead, or the numerous deeds they do which enhance the lives around them. You are worthy of everything good in life, and I Love You. For all that you do, and for being an authentic good woman. 

                There are times in all our lives when being authentic, and good seems almost impossible. These are the times, when we have lost love, felt betrayal, have been unjustly treated, misplaced our faith, and given up all hope. It all vanishes into thin air, and leaves us bewildered, and confused. The goodness is nowhere to be found. Our lives have somehow gone astray. Sometimes it happens when we lease expect it, and in a blink of an eye we are left broken. Nicole the heroin in Travesty of Justice, has been there, and yet somehow out of the darkness, she found a way to recreate her life again. She has great faith in the creator of our universe, and connects her energy with this powerful force.

                What I know for sure in my own life, is that I have learned to never say never! Because just when I think something will never happen, it does. I have learned to create a life that is filled with hope, and I believe that the hand of God is guiding my life. Now, as you can see, I am not the most talented writer, or jewelry designer, and I do not always know the best way to reach out, and touch people’s hearts. But I will never stop trying, to let you know, I am authentic and I truly care. I believe we all travel in some ways with guardian angels by our side, we know they are present even those we cannot see their face. For anyone that may be reading this blog today, and feels they are alone, and that no one cares, I am here to say, you are not alone, I love you. Take my hand, we can walk together. Please use my words, wrap them around your shoulders, and consider them a hug from me to you.

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May. 13, 2015


Tyler Perry and Me!


No, I do not know Tyler Perry, but I would love to meet him one day. It’s a long shot, yes I know. He was born in New Orleans. He holds a great love in his heart for his Mother who has now pasted on. He just had a baby boy, and I bet his heart is full of joy, knowing he has this wonderful bundle now in his life. He has had times in his professional career when he has failed, like the first time he did the show,” I know I’ve been changed” in Atlanta. It only lasted one week in fact. But thank goodness for the second time around, after he reworked it, he found success with it. He has gone on, to create Medea, who always makes me laugh. I guess one of my favorites is “Dairy of a mad black woman.”  I felt inspired and entertained.

Well, you may be wondering by now where the theme me comes into play. I never met this man, but I know him, I know the kind of heart he has, I know the kind of inspiration, he gives countless people, who view his work on so many different levels. He is creative, and uses his imagination to serve a purpose. Just like Tyler Perry so do I. No, I am not famous, but I do try my best to inspire others with my work. Creativity runs through my veins, and whispers in my ear every morning of each day, that I am blessed with air to breath. My book Travesty of Justice I believe will entertain you. But my greatest hope is that it will inspire you. This book is now available on Amazon, in Ebook and Paperback format.

  Like Tyler Perry’s work, it’s a shot in the dark. I have no idea if you will love my work, or not. But I believe that out of nowhere sometimes, amazing things can grow into dreams that actually come true.  Just like Tyler Perry, I do not always know my way, but I do have faith that it will find me. I know most of you are busy, so thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. I appreciate you, and I asked that you take the time in any way that you can, to spread the love to others. As always with my words, I am sending you much love, and please feel free to leave me your comments, because I would love to read your words too. I hope with this blog, that we are taking this journey somehow together. That in some small way, you are getting to know me better, and by reading your comments I will get to know you as well.