Oct. 17, 2017

The Journey and Vision behind a creative mind

The Journey and Vision behind a creative mind.

In the beginning my path was not one in the creative field, in fact, I started out as a health care professional, then somehow made a turn into the business world. As I worked my way up, in the corporate world, I soon realized that there was a sleeping creative voice, buried inside of me, which was slowly waking up. In fact, it was screaming to be set free. I knew there was no right, or wrong pathway in life, and that sooner or later, the right one would find me. In the beginning of this creative voyage that I was on, I struggled and fell many times. But I managed to stand up, and get stronger. There is something to be said for the road less travelled, and why many people never venture down it. I quickly realized, I needed persistence, and one heck of a lot of courage, to keep moving down this road. The life of a designer, writer, and a small business owner, was both gratifying, and demanding. Nerve-wracking weeks of working on jewelry designs, and building a brand name with my jewelry, called The Butler Collection, and working on, my first book Travesty of Justice, was now my passion in life. The vision I now hold in my mind, is far different then, the one I had, when I first started this journey. I am often asked as a designer from my customers, where I get all my creative ideas from, when I am designing my exquisite gemstone jewelry. They inquire as to how I became this kind of designer. I still to this day, have no firm, definite answer, other then, it somehow chooses me. Destiny is a hard thing to deny at times, especially when it fuels your passion in life. Creating my gemstone jewelry comes easily to me most days, and even the other things like, photography, marketing, and sales. Writing my book which is now published was something I managed to fit in a few hours each day as well.  Many days I do feel blessed to be making a living at what I love to do. Other days, there are not enough hours in the day, to complete all my tasks. I very soon became the queen of time management, because time was so precious and I learned to use it well. What I realized as a small business owner, that building a small team, is just important as my design work, and book writing. That, for me, is the most challenging part of this entrepreneur thing. But every job, or career, I know has a set of obstacles, and hurdles to climb over. So why not climb my own mountain of problems, so when I do finally stand on top of them, I will at least know, I did it with the work of my own hands. There is something, very rewarding contemplating that thought.

As a designer and writer, I like to make my thought practice, as positive as possible. Imaginative ideas flow best, when met with a smile, and are accomplished when fueled with upbeat energy. I have come to know that optimistic visions, are my best friends, when designing, writing, and running my business. Now like anyone, some of my days are more perplexing than other days. But those are the days when I remind myself that I am lucky to have this business, and that I get to design my beautiful gemstone jewelry, that gives women everywhere, a chance to be their own kind of beautiful. That many people who have read my book actually loved it, and are patiently waiting for the sequel, which by the way, is called, “The Magic in the little Gemstone Kiosk”.  All these things keep me going, during the difficult times. It is most important to celebrate even your small achievements along the way. Because waiting for the big breaks can be tough, especially if they seem, to take longer than you thought they actually would.  All those this career change has been super demanding, it has also has been worthwhile, and it gives me a great pleasure creating, and seeing my work on so many stunning women. Creating a piece of jewelry from just a creative vision in my mind, and then actually seeing it come to life, is the best feeling of accomplishment. When that piece of jewelry sells, to a woman who is so happy, to wear your original one of a kind piece of jewelry. Well, that is when you know, that not only is this your passion, it is a passion that will support you along your life journey. That you can truly pay your bills. When someone reads my book, and leaves a great review on Amazon, saying how much my story touched their hearts that also feels amazing. Now I believe that there is nowhere but up, and I am working harder than ever, to build a Canadian Brand of Jewelry Called, The Butler Collection. Designed and made in Canada, especially for women who love to be beautifully different.  Working each day bit by bit on my second book, is also enjoyable, but a bit of pressure as well, because I do not want to disappoint my readers, I want the second book, to be even better than the first. The vision and the journey, behind this creative mind are indeed fortunate, and blessed to spread her wings, and now fly off down the road less travelled. Embracing imaginative ideas as they flow, and to produce a things of beauty. A tangible authentic one of a kind gemstone piece of jewelry, which can be worn for years to come, for the woman who chooses it. To pick up a book written by me, and actually get lost for a few hours, in the tale they are reading, is something we all need from time to time. Unquestionably, this is my destiny and bona fide passage, into joy and a happy life. It's hard sometimes, to turn your back on that career that is secure, safe, and affords you a living. But for me, allowing the creative work of my hands, to grow into a business, which supports me, it’s a ride that has been priceless.