Jul. 8, 2016

The Land of the free and the brave in Crisis !


Well, in light of all the deadly shootings in America, I thought I would write this today. Many people are hurting deeply, with so many lifes gone, all because of what? A lack of respect, and understanding among the races in America. Haters, who feel they are not accepted, on both sides of the coin, in both the black and white communities. There is little expectance, or tolerance in these communities for each other. Both having valid points. But here’s the thing, who will listen, who among us will make a difference. It appears that no one will, as we stand by, and watch our police getting gunned down in the street by a black man. And as we also, watch our black men, getting gunned down in front of his girlfriend, and child in the streets too. Two wrongs, will never make a right. War is not something that is that far away, when we are killing each other every day in our own countries. We become fearful, and react in ways that harm, and kill innocent people. So tell me why, we all can’t just get along? Why do we refuse to accept the obvious, we are killing each other. Because of our differences! Who among us, will start. Will reach out, and build that bridge again, that is now getting badly burned to the ground! Some people may think it’s not their fight, but these bloody seas, are still flowing all around, both you and me. So reach out, let’s build that bridge again, between the races, it's never too late, to respect, to love, to create equal opportunity, and treat each other fairly. Because every life matters, everyone is someone Father, or Son, or maybe brother, or sister, or wife, or daughter. Let rebuild that bridge again, and this time let’s talk, and really listen. Let’s let love lead the way, instead of our hate! Yes emotions are what, makes people live the way they live, do what they do, act the way they act. So I will vote for love, and acceptances any day, over hate. Peace out!!!