Apr. 22, 2016



A man of great gifts, and we celebrate your life!

I admired this man called Prince, and his music. He had an amazing talent to entertain, and capture his audiences around the world. His flare for clothing, and his showmanship, when he performed, was undeniably the mark of a genius.

He was a man of faith, and all that knew him, knew he was the kind of man who stood up for his beliefs. His talent to write music, which spoke of love, and inspired many. Was a gift that many of us, only wished we had. Indeed, he was the king of funk, some days, and on other days he was a rocker. His talent to play so many different instruments, made him a musical force to be recognized, and admired. He reinvented himself on many occasions, keeping what he had to offer fresh, and exciting to his fans.  He loved and lost, and yet was able to keep his strength, and faith through it all.  I myself have danced, many of nights to his music, and loved every minute of it. But when you watched him preform, either in person on stage, or on the TV. That’s when you knew, you were in the presence of greatness. He transported you to the land of, get up out of your seats, or off that chair, and motivated you to boogie on down with him. He gave us joy, and happiness, while we watched him. And that is priceless, and a gift that had to be given to him and us, by someone as great as our God. He was a small man, but mighty in the land, and gave plenty of people help, and encouragement with their music and life. His influence in the music industry, will be celebrated by many, and his voice, songs, and spirit, will live on in our hearts forever. Many of our great talents have gone too soon, in recent years, and we are left wondering why? Why and who, will now fill these big shoes, and light up our hearts, and sing in our ears, in the years to come.

Rest in Peace my Brother, and thank you for all the joy, you have given us over the years. You will be missed, but never forgotten.