Mar. 24, 2016

Gone Too Soon


                                  Gone too soon

In light of all the terrible things, that have happened in our world recently. I thought I would write about, valuing the here and now, and the people who are with us, walking by our sides today.

Imagine waking up to your daily routine, thinking you have tonight, to say what you should have said this morning. Imagine realizing that tomorrow was after all, just borrowed time we thought we had, but really didn’t. Now what would you have done differently, if for some unfortunate reason that was your fate.

The question is a difficult one for us to sometimes answer, because we all think, and its human nature to think, we have tomorrow. However, for some recently, their tomorrows was gone too soon, disappeared in a blink of an eye. Their lives were taken, and their time here on earth is no longer. Their regrets may have been many, for those who were left behind; they will be the ones, who will bear the, what ifs, in their souls, for a very long time. What if I just had told them not to go to work today, what if I had told them one last time that I loved them today? What if I hadn’t had that argument today with them? What if I had just said I forgive you? The what ifs, will be many and different? I know I am guilty of not always saying what I should, or doing what I should, in my day to day life. But for today I am thankful and blessed, and to all my family and friends, I love you. I wrote this poem for those that were taken too soon.

Gone Too Soon

Gone too soon, you have been taken from this world, in a cloud of tragic doom.

This morning I thought, I would see you again tonight, to sleep by my side, and in your love, I would abide.

Today I thought I would tell you tonight, what you have met to me all my life.

I thought tomorrow we could go dancing, maybe sing a few songs; I never realized that by tonight, you would be gone.

I should have done today, what I thought I had tomorrow to do, but I really thought, that tomorrow was promised to you.

I know now tomorrow is promised to no one, and today is all we can count on, so I am sorry to say, I wish that I had of told you, all the things left unsaid in my heart.

 But I never saw that tragic doom, which was heading straight for you, and now you are gone way too soon.