Jan. 5, 2016

Three words that can change the world

Instead of writing about famous people, and how they influence us. For my first blog for 2016 I would like to give you this poem I wrote. It is in my book of poetry, called Thoughtful Moments. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Three words that can change the world

There are three little words; I believe can change the world. Not because I know, but because he told me so.

 These three little words are stronger, more powerfully than anything I know, when said with a heart of gold.

They were said to you, when you were born, they are reassuring, and they are comforting, in the midst of life’s storm.

They are a promise of a better today, a better tomorrow, and lend hope to those who have lost their way.

These three words when spoken in truth, will have such a positive impact; they will change lives, circumstances, they will bring you back.

These words will change the outcomes, from what seemed almost impossible, to unlimited possibilities.

These three words that live in our hearts, are so powerful that we sometimes are afraid to speak them; for fear that they will be misunderstood, or abused, or worse ignored.

These three words were given to us so freely, and purely to use as our own, but somehow along the way, we have forgotten the real meaning of them.

These three words can and will mean everything, if we speak them sincerely, without hesitation, and with a voice that says them clearly.

These three words need to be spoken often, to everyone we know, to our neighbors, to our friends, to our families, to strangers who need to know they matter. To our enemies to let them know, we have the power to create change.

So to each and every one of you, I ask that you own these three words, as I give them back to you. Say them out loud, to each other, mother’s tell your children, husbands tell your wives, and brothers tell your sisters. Sister’s take your place, and tell your friends, and friends tell your neighbors, pay it forwards, like it’s worth more than money. Treat them like they are pure gold. Say it like it’s the essences of life itself, and holds the power to change any, and all situations for the better.

As I give you back these three words, know it is not me, as I am only the messengers, I did not create them, I am only here, to reminder you use them often.

 Ask him for his guidance, hear in these words his presence, his comfort, his almighty power, and receive his blessings.

 These magical words that are so simple, so full of kindness, and goodwill.

That only he could have created them for his children.

 He had such great hopes, and dreams, that we will keep them for our very own.

To use them and keep them with us, every minute of our day, to guide us along our way.

So to all of you, I am here to say, these three words, they are simply I LOVE YOU, yes I really love you.

 Take them with you when you go, say them, to each other, say I LOVE YOU,  and when you say these three words ,believe that no one, nowhere can ever again take them from you, and know if you speak them, and live with  them in your soul, you will change the world, everywhere you go.

 So to all of you I say

I Love you all, yes, I really love you.