Nov. 21, 2015

Faith and Hope


Today I am not going to write a famous person, and how they affect our lives, instead I am going to write about, something we all need during these difficult times. Our faith and hope, are two things we need more than ever. We must not allow anyone or anything, to take away these two key elements, which give our minds and soul's comfort. I know it is hard, especially if you have just lost a love one, or are facing financial hard times, or if you have health issues, or just have a broken heart that will not heal emotionally.

            But I believe in my humble opinion, and also in my own life experiences, that it is during these most challenging times, we learn the most. At the time we are going through them, it is incomprehensible to our minds, why these things are happening to us. We feel helpless, we feel beaten down, and we are often left heartbroken. It is not easy I know, to feel hopeful, or to have any kind of trust or belief, that anything will improve, or that we will regain our joy again. During these times, please hold on, embrace the pain, and let it grip you only for a pasting moment. Then release and discharge it, out into the vase empty space, which now lay deep within your being. Create a shelter from whatever storm it is you’re in. Let this be where you begin to heal.  Remember and rebuild thoughts of restoration, develop now a sense of well-being, see it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and let it now be a knowing in your soul. Be grateful, for the simple things, which now surround your life. Start out small, have gratitude for the food you eat, for a good night’s sleep, for the love ones in your life that are well and safe. Learn to appreciate, the little things we take for granted in our everyday journeys. If you seek increase, then gratitude and love are the fuel, in which that train of thought can amplify. Visualize what it is you are striving for, conceive it in your subconscious mind. Be deliberate with your thinking, imagine now you are happy, and loved, that all is well with you. Even if its not, it still ok to dream and create in your mind, what you want your life to look like. Do this every day, and for some of us we may need to do this every hour. I started by just saying thank you for my life, thank you for all the love that surrounds me, thank you for the joy I feel coming back to me. Thank you for the better days that lay just ahead of me. Before I knew it, faith and hope became an enormous part of me. And from this place, I started it again.