Aug. 25, 2015

Joel Osteen and his messages of hope!

Joel Osteen and his messages of hope!

Well, as many of you may know, in my blog, I write about famous people, and how I believe they relate to you and me. Today I am going to talk about Joel Osteen, and his messages. Now I know that there are many of you out there, which may think he paints an unrealistic outlook, of life and God. He believes if we speak words of faith over our lives, then whatever our situations are, they will change for the better. If we believe in God, and have faith even when we see nothing changing in our life. The fact that we keep believing in him, shows our God, we have faith in him, and he then sends us his blessings. On his TV broadcast, he gives many examples of people, who have successfully seen God’s hand of favor, and their situations have turned around for the better. Many times these people are sitting right in his audience.

Well, Joel Osteen does inspire me, to think in a more positive way, and I have learned to trust things I cannot always see. The little still voice inside my gut, often bothers me, and even sometimes downright shouts at me. When I am about to make a mistake. I have learned, that I am not the most patience person, but that I am persistence with my prayers, and that one day my dreams, and hope, will come to pass in a favorable way.

You see, that’s the key, we all need hope, and we all need to believe, that no matter how bad our situations are right now, that they are only here for a time. And that they too will pass.

Hope is the thing that is often missing in a lot of people’s lives, and when it is, they become depressed, sometimes even take their own lives. Or reach out and hurt others. This thing called hope, is so important to give out, and hang on to, when it appears in our life, in whatever form it comes. So today I hope you enjoy this little blog I have written, and more importantly, I hope you have hope, in your own lives. It’s ok to hope for happiness today, its ok to hope for better things in your life today. I believe it’s ok to hope, and believe, for things that you may at the moment, only be able to see in your mind, and heart right now. The universal laws of attraction, often brings us what we hope for, and see in our minds and hearts. I am thankful that God created this magical thing, called the laws of attraction. Because of this, magical energy, we can do anything we really want in life. That is why I am now writing my second novel Called “The Magic in the Little Gemstone Kiosk” it is based on real peoples' lives, and how I have seen them change for the better. For most of them it all started, by just changing their thoughts. Remember, those who do not believe in magic, will never find it!