Jun. 23, 2015

Oprah and Our Unsung Heros- What I know for sure

 Oprah, and Our Unsung Hero’s- WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE

I never met Oprah Winfrey, but I have always thought of her as a modern day hero. She came from a life of humble beginnings, suffer in her childhood years, and yet has grown to be a wonderful authentic inspiration to countless women. She helps her African school children, gain knowledge, and gives them a safe haven to grow into strong young women. During her 25 years of being on air with her talk show, she inspired and help thousands, whenever their needs were presented to her. I always love reading the section in her magazine about What I Know For Sure. This section I value the most, because she often writes about her own life’s lessons. And who better to learn from than this highly successful woman. She believes in the laws of attraction, and knows how important it is to speak positively over one’s life. For our words often create our reality, and materialize in our lives. Nicole the heroine in my book Travesty of Justice, knows this as well. She is careful with her words and energy, because she also connects and feels the energy of Mother Nature, and of the people who surround her.

                There are many women in all of our lives, who I believe are everyday unsung heroes. They are your Sister’s, your Mother’s, your Wives and your Friends. They raise children, feed the homeless, help the sick, and teach us to be better people. They have boundless positive energy, they freely give away to those around them. They are selfless in the way they serve others. They freely love, and give it away to all in their pathway. These women are not famous, they rarely get recognition for the life they lead, or the numerous deeds they do which enhance the lives around them. You are worthy of everything good in life, and I Love You. For all that you do, and for being an authentic good woman. 

                There are times in all our lives when being authentic, and good seems almost impossible. These are the times, when we have lost love, felt betrayal, have been unjustly treated, misplaced our faith, and given up all hope. It all vanishes into thin air, and leaves us bewildered, and confused. The goodness is nowhere to be found. Our lives have somehow gone astray. Sometimes it happens when we lease expect it, and in a blink of an eye we are left broken. Nicole the heroin in Travesty of Justice, has been there, and yet somehow out of the darkness, she found a way to recreate her life again. She has great faith in the creator of our universe, and connects her energy with this powerful force.

                What I know for sure in my own life, is that I have learned to never say never! Because just when I think something will never happen, it does. I have learned to create a life that is filled with hope, and I believe that the hand of God is guiding my life. Now, as you can see, I am not the most talented writer, or jewelry designer, and I do not always know the best way to reach out, and touch people’s hearts. But I will never stop trying, to let you know, I am authentic and I truly care. I believe we all travel in some ways with guardian angels by our side, we know they are present even those we cannot see their face. For anyone that may be reading this blog today, and feels they are alone, and that no one cares, I am here to say, you are not alone, I love you. Take my hand, we can walk together. Please use my words, wrap them around your shoulders, and consider them a hug from me to you.

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