Apr. 28, 2015

Love is a Blessing # Thoughtful Moments




                                                            LOVE IS A BLESSING

May God hold your hand, as you journey through this land.

For only he can say yes or no, to even the best laid plans.

Smile when you think of me, for I shall smile when I think of you.

Love is such a blessing, in whatever form it’s true.

For no matter how long it stays, just be thankful that it came.

For each and every day, that love was in your arms, passionately breathing life into your soul.

Feel the joy it brought, and allow that joy to live deep inside your heart.

And when the tears come, as they sometimes will, just sit back quiet and still.

Close your eyes ,and feel that love all around you.

Hear love’s voice softly say, I am never far away.

So with a hopeful heart, remember every part.

I loved every minute that I ever spend with you.

I loved feeling your body next to mind.

I loved walking and talking with you all the time.

I loved dancing the night away, to a slow and easy groove.

But most of all I loved the laugher that I shared, even through all my tears.

Although the tears now hurt, we both know they will not stay.

Please remember I am just a phone call away.