Apr. 2, 2015

5 Key things you need to know about sales and marketing.

Good Morning Everyone,

I want to talk about sales and marketing today. I have been in sales and marketing for many years now, and I have achieved success on many levels. But there are really only 5 Key things you need to know, in order to build a successful selling relationship with people.

5 Key things to know, in building successful selling relationships

1 Be knowledgeable about the product you’re selling.

There is nothing worse than someone trying to sell you a product, who doesn’t really know the benefits, and features of what they are selling.

2 Be Creditable and Sincere.

This may go against what many of you may have learned “THE HARD SELL". But our customers are smart, and believe me they can tell when you are just trying to sell them something they really don't need. And when you actually care, about their needs, and want to help them. If you are sincere in building a relationship with your customers, then care enough to fill their needs. They will always remember you and come back. Repeat Business is the key in growing our business.

3 Know Your Target Market

Yes, there I said it again! We do need to know our target market. Target Market is simply the people who may want, or need what we are selling. Here’s how I have broken mine down, for example, I sell Jewelry at my retail location, and online at www.thebutlercollection.com. My target market is for sure women, but to go a little further ,it is a woman, who values quality, over quantity. It is also a woman, who has a certain amount of income, that she can spend at will on luxury goods, such as my one of a kind pieces of jewelry. She is a woman who cares about fashion, but likes the real deal. She wants real Gemstones, set in Sterling Silver or real Gold. She would rather have one great piece of jewelry, that makes a statement of quality and style, then many pieces that are trendy, and are here today and gone tomorrow. She knows not every trend is for her, and she also knows that a cheap piece of jewelry, on an expenses piece of clothing, is a complete waste of time. She is smart enough to return back to the same place that gave her that quality, and she remembers the many compliments, she has received wearing the great pieces of jewelry. She carefully chooses her accessories wardrobe. She is a professional, a woman of means, and often a woman of influence. She dresses for success, and knows how to choose her accessories to accent her beauty, and not overshadow it.

I have gone to great length to build my target market in this area, and it did not happen overnight. But if you carefully study your market, and break it down the way I have, then you can begin to understand your customers better.  Then it’s just a matter, of targeting them, where they live in your city. Where they hang out online, hopefully some on twitter LoL. The social clubs they belong to, and even professional organizations etc.  

4 Smart Marketing and Ads.

When building your client base and selling them, I think it is important to remember they are smart people with a high level of intelligence. Do not send them an overload of emails, or ads that are bothersome. This is a huge turn off for your customers. It is a fine line between getting your word out there, and being over exposure in your market. Yes, we do need our customers to come back and do business, but that does not give us a right to send them continual emails, with the same information. Choose the right message, at the right time. For example its spring and wedding season is coming up, so I did a small 1.30 min video of our one of a kind wedding jewelry. It's simple and it lets my customers know, that I do the wedding market, and to hopefully think of me when she selects her wedding jewelry. It’s entertaining and gives her something beautiful to watch and think about. Yes, it is a lot of work to do these kinds of ads, but I believe my customers are worth it. I have in no way pushed a product at her, without her knowing that I care about her special day.

https://youtu.be/SGLXdRavC5Q Click the link to view my wedding video

5 Enthusiasm and Gratitude!     

This is I think the most important part of selling and building solid relationships with your customers. Be excited about the kinds of products that you sell. Show your customers that you are grateful for their business, and that you care if they return. For example, I am always excited about my new designs in The Butler Collection and often I cannot wait to show my customers. I know what each piece is made of, and how they should be used to accessorize their outfits. My goal is to make my customer's picture- perfect. I am absolutely grateful when they have chosen to spend their dollars on my products, and I let them know how much I care about their continued support with my business. It is said with a kindness and sincere voice, that my customers know is real.

There is so much of everything out there today, that it is hard to compete as a brand, and it is even harder as a consumer to choose.

But I firmly believe, and I know I am not wrong! People buy from people they like and trust. This has always, and will continue to be, my goal with my customer base.

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