Mar. 31, 2015

Marketing My Book

Whats on your mind today?

Well today I am thinking about, what is the best to release my book, and market it. I know this is something that may be on every new writer's mind. So I thought today I would talk about it. I have been contantly researching this. I have developed many marketing ads and book trailors, which I am sure many of you many have already seen. Today I am trying my best to build an interesting blog, in hopes that someone other then myself, will want read giggles. By the way feel free to tell me how I am doing so far.

Here the thing even those I am successful in other area such as my jewelry business. When it comes to marketing my books its all new territory for me. On twitter for example there are so many book promoters, who claim to have great success in book marketing. Which one to choose or should I choose any? Are they any better at letting people know about my books then I am, or is it just a numbers games of twitter followers, who may or may not be interesting in taking a look . 

John Lock in his book states you should find your target market, and build friendships with them. Help them with their goals in business, and in return they should helps us back. Simple right?

Maybe except where or where is my target market , can anyone tell me please? My book Travesty of Justice is a romance, drama with a touch of supernatural. So where do I find the people who enjoy these kind of reads. That at the moment is the million dollar questions, so if anyone out there cares to leave me a comment on this I would be very happy to hear from you.

Wishing you all much love