Mar. 27, 2015

A poem from Thoughtful Moments Hope You enjoy

Hello Everyone ,

This is one of my poems from Thoughtful Moments please let me know what you think?

Sending you much love as always


                                               WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS G0           

I sit and wonder, endless hours seem to pass me by.

Still no fitting answer can I fine.

I wonder where broken hearts go.

I seem to need a safe place to put mine.

I tried burying it deep inside rage and revenge, but it only shattered further.

I thought I could wash it away with tears and regrets, but the pain only got worst.

The busy scheme only made my heart run faster, running from the image of my past.

I denied and refused to accept your absence, then loneliness crept in.

A new companion tried to warm my soul, but I found my heart was still much to cold.

Your memories seem to find me everywhere, it is then that I realize I am really done caring.

The lost flows over me like a wave from the ocean, returning to the shore, I know you not there anymore.

Despair seems to know my name, and it grants me no freedom from all this pain.

Then one day I stumbled into a little chapel, and fall down upon my knees, and right in front of me a loving spirit came, to set me free again.

It was there I began to pray to a power, much higher and stronger than my own.

I asked for help to be released, to have the strength to let you go.

I asked for mending of my broken heart, to heal my tortured soul.

Distressed and all alone, racked with grief, I finally found a place, where broken hearts can go.

I found peace in the arms of one who truly knows, what a precious love can do for your soul.

By Heather Butler

From my book which is soon to be released Thoughtful Moments