Blog by Heather Butler

Oct. 17, 2017

The Journey and Vision behind a creative mind.

In the beginning my path was not one in the creative field, in fact, I started out as a health care professional, then somehow made a turn into the business world. As I worked my way up, in the corporate world, I soon realized that there was a sleeping creative voice, buried inside of me, which was slowly waking up. In fact, it was screaming to be set free. I knew there was no right, or wrong pathway in life, and that sooner or later, the right one would find me. In the beginning of this creative voyage that I was on, I struggled and fell many times. But I managed to stand up, and get stronger. There is something to be said for the road less travelled, and why many people never venture down it. I quickly realized, I needed persistence, and one heck of a lot of courage, to keep moving down this road. The life of a designer, writer, and a small business owner, was both gratifying, and demanding. Nerve-wracking weeks of working on jewelry designs, and building a brand name with my jewelry, called The Butler Collection, and working on, my first book Travesty of Justice, was now my passion in life. The vision I now hold in my mind, is far different then, the one I had, when I first started this journey. I am often asked as a designer from my customers, where I get all my creative ideas from, when I am designing my exquisite gemstone jewelry. They inquire as to how I became this kind of designer. I still to this day, have no firm, definite answer, other then, it somehow chooses me. Destiny is a hard thing to deny at times, especially when it fuels your passion in life. Creating my gemstone jewelry comes easily to me most days, and even the other things like, photography, marketing, and sales. Writing my book which is now published was something I managed to fit in a few hours each day as well.  Many days I do feel blessed to be making a living at what I love to do. Other days, there are not enough hours in the day, to complete all my tasks. I very soon became the queen of time management, because time was so precious and I learned to use it well. What I realized as a small business owner, that building a small team, is just important as my design work, and book writing. That, for me, is the most challenging part of this entrepreneur thing. But every job, or career, I know has a set of obstacles, and hurdles to climb over. So why not climb my own mountain of problems, so when I do finally stand on top of them, I will at least know, I did it with the work of my own hands. There is something, very rewarding contemplating that thought.

As a designer and writer, I like to make my thought practice, as positive as possible. Imaginative ideas flow best, when met with a smile, and are accomplished when fueled with upbeat energy. I have come to know that optimistic visions, are my best friends, when designing, writing, and running my business. Now like anyone, some of my days are more perplexing than other days. But those are the days when I remind myself that I am lucky to have this business, and that I get to design my beautiful gemstone jewelry, that gives women everywhere, a chance to be their own kind of beautiful. That many people who have read my book actually loved it, and are patiently waiting for the sequel, which by the way, is called, “The Magic in the little Gemstone Kiosk”.  All these things keep me going, during the difficult times. It is most important to celebrate even your small achievements along the way. Because waiting for the big breaks can be tough, especially if they seem, to take longer than you thought they actually would.  All those this career change has been super demanding, it has also has been worthwhile, and it gives me a great pleasure creating, and seeing my work on so many stunning women. Creating a piece of jewelry from just a creative vision in my mind, and then actually seeing it come to life, is the best feeling of accomplishment. When that piece of jewelry sells, to a woman who is so happy, to wear your original one of a kind piece of jewelry. Well, that is when you know, that not only is this your passion, it is a passion that will support you along your life journey. That you can truly pay your bills. When someone reads my book, and leaves a great review on Amazon, saying how much my story touched their hearts that also feels amazing. Now I believe that there is nowhere but up, and I am working harder than ever, to build a Canadian Brand of Jewelry Called, The Butler Collection. Designed and made in Canada, especially for women who love to be beautifully different.  Working each day bit by bit on my second book, is also enjoyable, but a bit of pressure as well, because I do not want to disappoint my readers, I want the second book, to be even better than the first. The vision and the journey, behind this creative mind are indeed fortunate, and blessed to spread her wings, and now fly off down the road less travelled. Embracing imaginative ideas as they flow, and to produce a things of beauty. A tangible authentic one of a kind gemstone piece of jewelry, which can be worn for years to come, for the woman who chooses it. To pick up a book written by me, and actually get lost for a few hours, in the tale they are reading, is something we all need from time to time. Unquestionably, this is my destiny and bona fide passage, into joy and a happy life. It's hard sometimes, to turn your back on that career that is secure, safe, and affords you a living. But for me, allowing the creative work of my hands, to grow into a business, which supports me, it’s a ride that has been priceless.

Jul. 8, 2016


Well, in light of all the deadly shootings in America, I thought I would write this today. Many people are hurting deeply, with so many lifes gone, all because of what? A lack of respect, and understanding among the races in America. Haters, who feel they are not accepted, on both sides of the coin, in both the black and white communities. There is little expectance, or tolerance in these communities for each other. Both having valid points. But here’s the thing, who will listen, who among us will make a difference. It appears that no one will, as we stand by, and watch our police getting gunned down in the street by a black man. And as we also, watch our black men, getting gunned down in front of his girlfriend, and child in the streets too. Two wrongs, will never make a right. War is not something that is that far away, when we are killing each other every day in our own countries. We become fearful, and react in ways that harm, and kill innocent people. So tell me why, we all can’t just get along? Why do we refuse to accept the obvious, we are killing each other. Because of our differences! Who among us, will start. Will reach out, and build that bridge again, that is now getting badly burned to the ground! Some people may think it’s not their fight, but these bloody seas, are still flowing all around, both you and me. So reach out, let’s build that bridge again, between the races, it's never too late, to respect, to love, to create equal opportunity, and treat each other fairly. Because every life matters, everyone is someone Father, or Son, or maybe brother, or sister, or wife, or daughter. Let rebuild that bridge again, and this time let’s talk, and really listen. Let’s let love lead the way, instead of our hate! Yes emotions are what, makes people live the way they live, do what they do, act the way they act. So I will vote for love, and acceptances any day, over hate. Peace out!!!

Apr. 22, 2016


A man of great gifts, and we celebrate your life!

I admired this man called Prince, and his music. He had an amazing talent to entertain, and capture his audiences around the world. His flare for clothing, and his showmanship, when he performed, was undeniably the mark of a genius.

He was a man of faith, and all that knew him, knew he was the kind of man who stood up for his beliefs. His talent to write music, which spoke of love, and inspired many. Was a gift that many of us, only wished we had. Indeed, he was the king of funk, some days, and on other days he was a rocker. His talent to play so many different instruments, made him a musical force to be recognized, and admired. He reinvented himself on many occasions, keeping what he had to offer fresh, and exciting to his fans.  He loved and lost, and yet was able to keep his strength, and faith through it all.  I myself have danced, many of nights to his music, and loved every minute of it. But when you watched him preform, either in person on stage, or on the TV. That’s when you knew, you were in the presence of greatness. He transported you to the land of, get up out of your seats, or off that chair, and motivated you to boogie on down with him. He gave us joy, and happiness, while we watched him. And that is priceless, and a gift that had to be given to him and us, by someone as great as our God. He was a small man, but mighty in the land, and gave plenty of people help, and encouragement with their music and life. His influence in the music industry, will be celebrated by many, and his voice, songs, and spirit, will live on in our hearts forever. Many of our great talents have gone too soon, in recent years, and we are left wondering why? Why and who, will now fill these big shoes, and light up our hearts, and sing in our ears, in the years to come.

Rest in Peace my Brother, and thank you for all the joy, you have given us over the years. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Mar. 24, 2016


                                  Gone too soon

In light of all the terrible things, that have happened in our world recently. I thought I would write about, valuing the here and now, and the people who are with us, walking by our sides today.

Imagine waking up to your daily routine, thinking you have tonight, to say what you should have said this morning. Imagine realizing that tomorrow was after all, just borrowed time we thought we had, but really didn’t. Now what would you have done differently, if for some unfortunate reason that was your fate.

The question is a difficult one for us to sometimes answer, because we all think, and its human nature to think, we have tomorrow. However, for some recently, their tomorrows was gone too soon, disappeared in a blink of an eye. Their lives were taken, and their time here on earth is no longer. Their regrets may have been many, for those who were left behind; they will be the ones, who will bear the, what ifs, in their souls, for a very long time. What if I just had told them not to go to work today, what if I had told them one last time that I loved them today? What if I hadn’t had that argument today with them? What if I had just said I forgive you? The what ifs, will be many and different? I know I am guilty of not always saying what I should, or doing what I should, in my day to day life. But for today I am thankful and blessed, and to all my family and friends, I love you. I wrote this poem for those that were taken too soon.

Gone Too Soon

Gone too soon, you have been taken from this world, in a cloud of tragic doom.

This morning I thought, I would see you again tonight, to sleep by my side, and in your love, I would abide.

Today I thought I would tell you tonight, what you have met to me all my life.

I thought tomorrow we could go dancing, maybe sing a few songs; I never realized that by tonight, you would be gone.

I should have done today, what I thought I had tomorrow to do, but I really thought, that tomorrow was promised to you.

I know now tomorrow is promised to no one, and today is all we can count on, so I am sorry to say, I wish that I had of told you, all the things left unsaid in my heart.

 But I never saw that tragic doom, which was heading straight for you, and now you are gone way too soon.

Jan. 5, 2016

Instead of writing about famous people, and how they influence us. For my first blog for 2016 I would like to give you this poem I wrote. It is in my book of poetry, called Thoughtful Moments. 

I hope you enjoy it.

Three words that can change the world

There are three little words; I believe can change the world. Not because I know, but because he told me so.

 These three little words are stronger, more powerfully than anything I know, when said with a heart of gold.

They were said to you, when you were born, they are reassuring, and they are comforting, in the midst of life’s storm.

They are a promise of a better today, a better tomorrow, and lend hope to those who have lost their way.

These three words when spoken in truth, will have such a positive impact; they will change lives, circumstances, they will bring you back.

These words will change the outcomes, from what seemed almost impossible, to unlimited possibilities.

These three words that live in our hearts, are so powerful that we sometimes are afraid to speak them; for fear that they will be misunderstood, or abused, or worse ignored.

These three words were given to us so freely, and purely to use as our own, but somehow along the way, we have forgotten the real meaning of them.

These three words can and will mean everything, if we speak them sincerely, without hesitation, and with a voice that says them clearly.

These three words need to be spoken often, to everyone we know, to our neighbors, to our friends, to our families, to strangers who need to know they matter. To our enemies to let them know, we have the power to create change.

So to each and every one of you, I ask that you own these three words, as I give them back to you. Say them out loud, to each other, mother’s tell your children, husbands tell your wives, and brothers tell your sisters. Sister’s take your place, and tell your friends, and friends tell your neighbors, pay it forwards, like it’s worth more than money. Treat them like they are pure gold. Say it like it’s the essences of life itself, and holds the power to change any, and all situations for the better.

As I give you back these three words, know it is not me, as I am only the messengers, I did not create them, I am only here, to reminder you use them often.

 Ask him for his guidance, hear in these words his presence, his comfort, his almighty power, and receive his blessings.

 These magical words that are so simple, so full of kindness, and goodwill.

That only he could have created them for his children.

 He had such great hopes, and dreams, that we will keep them for our very own.

To use them and keep them with us, every minute of our day, to guide us along our way.

So to all of you, I am here to say, these three words, they are simply I LOVE YOU, yes I really love you.

 Take them with you when you go, say them, to each other, say I LOVE YOU,  and when you say these three words ,believe that no one, nowhere can ever again take them from you, and know if you speak them, and live with  them in your soul, you will change the world, everywhere you go.

 So to all of you I say

I Love you all, yes, I really love you.