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Travesty of Justice ebook

Price: 2.99 CAD
Travesty of Justice a captivating romance drama, that will pull at your heart strings, and keep you hooked until the last page. You will be emailed a PDF copy which is good for most e readers and apple ipads and apps.

Thoughtful Moments ebook

Price: 1.99 CAD

Thoughtful Moments paperback

Price: 8.99 CAD
Thoughtful Moments a book of breathtaking poetry that will leave you inspired and will keep you turning the pages for more.

Travesty Of Justice paperback book format

Price: 12.99 CAD
Travesty of Justice in paperback format This book is inspired by a true story, and will keep you hooked, until the last page. A heartfelt romance drama,that will leave you, wanting more!